Wine is for Everyone


Double decanting

Double decanting – part of the fun preparing to serve from an 8L bottle

Here’s just a sampling of events I’ve been hired to do in the past:

In-home wine school: Just what it sounds like. A monthly get-together of friends where I bring about 6 wines, usually chosen around a theme, whether it is focusing on a specific wine region, exploring a single grape variety from a number of different places around the world, food pairings where we sample all six wines next to a single dish or a couple of menu items, or just a sampling of interesting wines currently available at the LCBO.

Holiday shopping events: a selection of wines for a mingle and chat-style event chosen as possible holiday “house” wines or wines for gifting. Have some fun while checking off an item on your to-do list with friends, coworkers or neighbours.

Birthday parties, bridal showers, stag and stagettes: everything from whisky nights, sparkling wine parties, themed nights (like French wines for the couple about to embark on a Paris honeymoon and South African wines for a family about to move there) or a tour of iconic wine styles from around the world.

Fundraisers: the wine and wine chat becomes part of the draw for fundraisers where the beneficiaries are charities, art groups, schools, daycare centres, not-for-profits, hospitals and others.

Office meet and greet: Wine and some wine talk greases the social side of in-office evenings at law firms, design firms, architectural firms or i.t. companies.

More formal dinners: Sit down dinners with a real focus on wine and food pairings. I work closely with the chef to design an out-of-the-ordinary experience and execute the elegant service.

Have an idea of your own you’d like to experience – give me a shout!